The Center for Social Inclusion (NIS) combines research and outreach with the aim of creating mechanisms that improve access to knowledge and citizenship, widening the reflection on situations of vulnerability, discrimination and social exclusion. Created in 2008, the initiative is linked to the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ).

The Center for Applied Ethics (NEA) supports academic research related to the application of ethics to social issues. Its main concern is to advocate a broad conception of morality that includes not only human beings, but also nonhuman animals and the environment.

The Functionings Approach aims to broaden the scope of moral consideration, by describing those who are the object of moral concern as diverse functional systems, and by connecting morality with the search for conditions that allow for each system's full realization.

The SIENNA project - Stakeholder-Informed Ethics for New technologies with high socio-ecoNomic and human rights impAct will address ethical issues in three new and emerging technology areas: human genomics, human enhancement and human-machine interaction. These areas all come with major socio-economic impact. They also raise issues related to human rights. 

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